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Awesome Resources!

Webmix |01


Webmix |01 Software Freebies

IThis web mix includes links to web browsers, browser plugin, and other free to download software that teachers might use in their classroom or recommend to students.

Webmix |02


Webmix |02 CCSD Resources

This webmix links to a variety of sites useful for Clark County School District Employees.

Webmix |03


Webmix |03 Web 2.0 Tools

This webmix (artfully created by NVTECHGIRL) shows a variety of web 2.0 tools for students and teachers.  Several links along the left feature websites with web 2.0 tool recommendations.  Several links along the right feature sites with copyright free or creative commons media that student or teachers could use to complete educational projects.  Also notice the “Submit an Idea” and “View Submitted Idea” links at the bottom.  Share your ideas with colleagues using the “Submit an Idea” that links to a Google form for sharing your idea for a web 2.0 tool and lesson idea.  View the ideas of your colleagues using the “View Submitted Ideas” link to the Google spreadsheet of all submitted ideas

Webmix |04


Webmix |04 Educational Standards

View the small collection of links to organizations that develop and support educational standards for a variety of academic areas.

Webmix |05


Webmix |05 Video Resources

This web mix is a collection of sites for both teachers and students to learn new skills and content by watching videos.

Webmix |06


Webmix |06 Downloadable Resources


Webmix |07


Webmix |07 Digital Citizenship

This webmix contains links to teacher lesson plans, parent resources, and students resources related to digital citizenship.

Just a sample of some useful resources. To learn more or discuss possible projects >>
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